04 August 2006

Update to xfce 4.4 beta 2 packs and build script

For those of you following my progress on xfce in Slackware -current, this is old news, but I'm almost certain that I've got the last of the existing problems solved. From the Change Log:

Thu Aug  3 19:56:45 UTC 2006
It's Christmas in August! New kde packs in -current, and now
the xfce build here should be working as intended by its
developers - see below :)
current/xfce- Rebuilt; removed
hicolor-icon-theme, as it's not needed any more due to the
xinitrc changes in the previous build.
Added desktop-file-utils, which fixes the problem Thunar
was having with associated file types with applications.
Thunar should now be working completely as intended by the
developer. :)
current/xfce4-goodies-4.4_20060803-1rlw.tgz: Upgraded the
verve-plugin package to 0.3.4; this is a bugfix release.
current/sysvinit-2.86-i486-4rlw.tgz: Rebuilt; incorporated
Pat's changes from yesterday in -current. I've got to track
down a potential problem with an error message being generated
in rc.S (related to /proc/filesystems), so hold off on this
upgrade unless you're brave (although it's working fine here).

As you noticed, I've also been working on updates to sysvinit; based on earlier conversation, expect this to be mainlined with PiterPunk's work soon.

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