28 September 2006

KMail Project, XFCE, Slackware -current updates

Several topics of interest today... First, I decided to go ahead and make the necessary changes to build gnupg2-1.9.23, so I've updated all of the kmail/gpg related packages, including kdebase and kdepim. The kdebase package is built with Pat's unmodified SlackBuild script, so other than the fact that it's linked to the gnupg deps, it's identical to the official Slackware package in Slackware -current (the same thing applies to kdepim). A special thanks goes out to Zalamander and Black Panther for testing and provided much needed feedback on these packages.

Brian Tarricone, xfce's xfdesktop maintainer, has advised that the dbus dependency issues have been sorted out in the subversion repository, so the next release candidate of xfce 4.4 will no longer require the dbus and dbus-glib packages. As I stated earlier, I will be maintaining unofficial packages for Slackware 11.0, which will not have the dbus dep (as it will not be in 11.0), but I will also continue to offer packages that are compiled against dbus and dbus-glib for those who wish to have that functionality. Assuming Pat adds dbus and hal to Slackware -current (after 11.0 releases), then of course I will also be maintaining packages compiled against those until such time as Pat decides to incorporate xfce 4.4 into -current.

Speaking of Slackware, we're *still* waiting on 11.0 to release. I'll admit that I'm a bit impatient, but not for the same reasons as most. I'm perfectly happy with the fact that the release will be delayed until it's "ready" (per Pat), as that's what is expected of Slackware. I know we can expect an update to openssh before it's released, and probably a few other things, but like I said, it's not *Slackware* unless it's *ready* when it releases. :-) However, as I said, I am somewhat impatient - I run -current on everything but my firewall box, so I'm ready to get back to the excitement of breaking/fixing things and adding new functionality... :-)

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