15 October 2006

OpenOffice.org 2.0.4 Released!

...and I've got a good package for Slackware! I had to work around a bug in Xfce to get the Menu entries to work properly in Xfce, but that's settled now, and this package was built with what is almost certainly the cleanest script I've ever used for it - it just keeps getting better with time... :) Thanks to the numerous people who've provided feedback on both the script and packages. Also, updates to wine-0.9.23 and gqview-2.1.2 should be coming soon.

I've got a new stable version of vte (which is bundled with Xfce for Terminal) pulled down, but I'm going to hold off until the Xfce developers release 4.4rc2 before I rebuild Xfce - they've got the xfdesktop mess with dbus/dbus-glib sorted out, and those dependencies will no longer be required, so I can make packages available for a stock Slackware 11.0 system without adding other deps. For those who want the added functionality (and bugs) of dbus, I'll continue to offer builds against it as well.

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