10 May 2007

Making Linux "Easy" - Take 2

Names have been hidden to protect the guilty, but while lurking in the Hardware Abstraction Layer channel on Freenode (#hal), I saw this:

I'm looking for a command line program to mount and unmount as opposed 
to having icons show up on my KDE or Gnome desktop, as I don't use KDE
or Gnome, or even have a Desktop.

Now, maybe I'm just a purist, but as I see it, this is manifestation of a disturbing trend in making linux "easy" for new users. The fact that a linux user can be completely unaware of the existence of mount(8) really bothers me. Viva la Slackware!



At 10/5/07 17:57 , Blogger Dosnlinux said...

It also shows that the person didn't take the time to google a simple "linux command line mount"

At 11/5/07 03:24 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

yeah it's a little out there, but remember this, we can't have gnu/Linux on the desktop for the "masses" and not expect to have those questions.

think of it as a good sign that the developer's are doing a great job that people are enticed to take on a new challenge. otherwise comments like that will drive ya bonkers.

bear in mind tho, documentation is all broken up in gnu/linux, is it /usr/man../usr/share/man.../usr/local /man../usr/doc /kde/..doc/html..kde help center...all the help doc's all over the place, and some only get "info".

keep the faith Rob :D remember, not everyone who drive's a car wants to know how the clutch works, so we have to grin and bear it a little and hope we don't hear it often :D

At 19/5/07 11:30 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

absolutely. aint that true desktop computing for the masses? this is how _every_ ubuntu user makes his start on the cli i guess if he makes it at all.

i don't really dislike that fact tho.

At 15/6/07 21:57 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hehe, man it's funny you should write this, Robby. Sometimes I feel the same way. It even seems like lately I have heard some users -- even veteran users -- say something about how the CLI is dead, or if a Linux user ever has to use the CLI, then Linux will never really go anywhere. I don't know about other people, but the day Linux loses its CLI heritage is the day I start running BSD full time! I love the fact that Linux gives you the power to do both.


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