15 January 2008


Two announcements...

First, I've just pushed some long-awaited packages of kde-4.0.0 for Slackware. They are only for Slackware -current (this is the development version of Slackware, not the latest stable release), and no, that doesn't mean that the next release of Slackware will have kde-4.0.0 in it.
See the latest post on my ChangeLog:
(Tue Jan 15 17:06:38 UTC 2008).

Second, I'll be attending the release event at Google this weekend, along with Pat, Alan, and Amrit. Fred (slamd64) is also going to be there, so we plan to have a grand time! :-)

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At 31/1/08 13:54 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sorry, but I can't find any real answer in any forum.

I like Slackware *very* much but I have *one* problem since years.

If I install Ubuntu or Fedora or Suse, the Desktop feels 'smooth' (for example: minimize/maximize Windows animation and move windows around the Desktop)

If I install Slackware on the same hardware and tweak 'everything' (kernel version, driver versions, xorg settings, Desktop configuration, nice levels...) 1:1 the same, it doesn't feel as smooth as other distros.

It makes more fun the have a 'smooth' desktop and it makes more fun to have a small distro like Slackware.

What's wrong with my knowledge? Or is this smoother feeling related to unofficial patches in Qt/KDE? I don't know the reason and this hurts a bit... I'm despaired.

Thank you very very much and I promise, this is the first and the last question. This is my one and only problem with Slackware.

At 7/2/08 16:03 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Got it!!! :-) :-) :-)

Since years with Slackware, now minimize/maximize windows feels 'smooth' on both, Gnome and KDE :-) :-) :-)


1. Metacity windows may minimize a bit slowly due a a bug in Slackware’s libX11. Solution - Update LibX11. We may be providing an extra package for those who are affected by this bug.

I think, every other distri has a patch since years, because I only wondered in Slackware why it feels like "playing a game on Atari ST instead of smooth scrolling Amiga games" ;)

Pat should include this patch in 11.x and 12.x...

At 8/2/08 16:18 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Gnome isn't shipped with Slackware, so issues that only show up in metacity are pretty damn tough to catch in development.

You say the slow window drawing is caused by a bug in libX11? If it's a bug in libX11, I'd expect it to affect more than just metacity, but sure, I suppose it's possible. More importantly, I've not seen any reports of that from anyone else, and I regularly talk with quite a few Gnome users.

Anyway, if there is indeed a problem with libX11, then send mail to Pat (CC it to me as well) with a link to the bug report, a fix, and some discussion of potential pros and cons of patching versus not patching.

At 10/2/08 17:38 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yes, Slackware isn't a Gnome distribution. My posting is only a suggestion to look at this if there is a bit free time. I'm not that hard core developer and expert.
If I use libX11 1.1.3 from -current, everything is good on both (even KDE, but you can't see that much like in Metacity) on different machines (4 desktop machine, 1 notebook)
_Everything else_ was/is fast (playing videos, games, 3D ...), but especially minimizing was annoying, especially in Metacity: the "black rectangles" doesn't minimize with the window and stay on desktop waiting to go away after the windows is minimized.
Sorry, english isn't my natural language and it's hard to describe this behaviour if you don't see it live.


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