05 November 2006

Xfce 4.4 RC2

The Xfce developers have released 4.4 Release Candidate 2!!!
Packages for Slackware 11.0 are available in my package repository, and there are also packages for the extra plugins as well.
Be sure to read the ChangeLog entry from today (20061105). If you prefer to build it yourself, feel free to get the SlackBuild Script and other needed files.
Testing and feedback are encouraged and appreciated; thanks to everyone who's already involved - I appreciate it!

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At 7/11/06 00:09 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Reading the changelog, I have had problems with the default XFCE mixer too, unless --with-alsa is used. I have 2 audio devices on a custom compiled 2.6.18 kernel. Both devices have no elements shown in the mixer, and the panel applet resets to 0 right after you change the volume.

Other than that, I am loving XFCE after using GNOME for a couple of years and being soured to it by Freerock. Thanks for the packages and keep up the great work.

At 7/11/06 00:18 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Almost forgot, I have a screenshot here.

At 12/11/06 20:08 , Blogger Robby Workman said...

1. I'm checking into the alsa issue; as I indicated in the ChangeLog, that shouldn't be happening, but alas... :-)
2. Thanks for the feedback and encouragement - it's nice to know that there are some "outside my circle" who are finding them useful :)
3. I don't want to turn you away from Xfce, but if you're still into GNOME, you might have a look at GWare - one of its lead developers is also one of the co-devs on my SlackBuilds.org project, and I can vouch for the quality of his work :D

Thanks again for the feedback reports! -RW

At 20/11/06 14:14 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

I just installed your xfce-4.4rc2-i486-3_rlw.tgz. One minor problem. I needed to create a symlink /usr/lib/libxfce4util.so.4.0.0 to /usr/lib/libxfce4util.so.1

At 21/11/06 01:35 , Blogger Robby Workman said...

Can you provide some more information? Why was this necessary? That version of the shared library does not ship with Xfce 4.4 (it was from 4.2) - the developers incremented the version number for a reason. If you can give me more information (what made you discover this "need" - is there something you were attempting to compile?), I'll try to reproduce and have it addressed through the proper channels. On the other hand, if you're attempting to run a binary of some sort that is linked against older versions of that shared library, then the symlink may very well work, but be prepared for unexpected results. The Xfce developers try to maintain backwards-compatibility as much as possible, but there are no guarantees... Feel free to email me with details -- rw *AT* rlworkman.net

At 21/11/06 08:53 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Post install while I was reconfiguring the desktop none of the changes were sticking (BG color, image,etc.). I run X from level three so I C-A-F1 to the terminal and see xfdesktop cannot find libxfce4util.so.1. ldconfig -p | grep xfce4 and ldd `which xfdesktop` both tell me the same thing.

I had used removepkg xfce4.2.3 prior to installing yours and figured a library not removed in a simple upgrade had been deleted. I did this from console, of course.

Since I could find libxfce4util.so.4, I just gave the application what it was looking for.

Today, however, the same commands tell me libxfce4util.so.4 is the required library. So now I'm confused too :-)

At 21/11/06 14:22 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

To further add to the confusion, after deleting the link to so.1:

~$ ldd `which xfdesktop` | grep util
libxfce4util.so.4 => /usr/lib/libxfce4util.so.4 (0xb7b2f000)
libxfce4util.so.1 => not found

At 21/11/06 16:41 , Blogger Robby Workman said...

It sounds like you have a recursion issue with some old shared object somewhere - in other words, you have an old library hanging around (or perhaps an old binary that calls an old library, but it works most of the newer ones just fine), or something along those lines. I had someone else report a similar problem about a month ago. Here's my recommendation:
1. Remove all xfce and xfce-related packages - make sure you get any plugins you've installed too; something along these lines should suffice (assuming that all of the packages have been named by a sane person :)
ls /var/log/packages | grep xfce | xargs removepkg
2. In each of the directories specified in /etc/ld.so.conf plus /usr/lib, search for xfce-related libraries and delete any that you find. Something along these lines should locate all of them:
find $DIR -name "*xfce*"
You can add an -exec rm {} \; to that once you verify that everything returned needs to be gone.
3. Make sure there aren't any xfce-related binaries in /usr/local/bin/*
4. Check the rest of /usr/local/* to ensure that anything related to xfce is gone.
5. Run /sbin/ldconfig
6. Install the xfce package
7. Happiness should now be present. :)


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