20 January 2008

KDE4 Release Event

Well, Alan and I are sitting in the airport at San Jose waiting on our flight (it's been delayed due to weather conditions in Atlanta). The KDE4 Release Event was outstanding!

We met quite a few kde developers, and they gave several very interesting talks on new functionality present in the kde 4.x series. We all typically think of kde as a linux and bsd thing, but now it's a valid option on both Windows and MacOSX - we saw it running natively on both of those.

Of course, it was nice meeting some kde developers and other free software users and developers from around the world, but one of the highlights was hanging out with Patrick Volkerding and a few other Slackware team members. Fred Emmott, the developer of Slamd64 (an unofficial port of Slackware to 64 bit systems) also made the trip from England - it was an interesting task handling translation for him and Alan to be able to communicate ;-)

Big thanks to the KDE project and Google for hosting this event, and to Pat, Amrit, Alan, and Fred: it was great meeting you guys and being able to put faces with IRC nicks! Same to Chess Griffin - I'm glad you accidentally found us :)

For everyone out there reading this, I know you want a pic of everyone, so here you are:

Fred, Alan, Me, Deep, Pat, and Amrit


At 20/1/08 10:18 , Blogger Mark said...

heh... Alan looks like a hick

At 23/1/08 12:36 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Damn, I missed being in that photo!

It was great meeting you, Robby, and Pat, Alan, Fred, and the other Slackers.

I think we need to have a SlackCon somewhere down South, don't you think? :-)

At 25/1/08 15:49 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yeah, a SlackCon would be nice :)

At 15/2/08 20:54 , Blogger birdoffire137 said...

The bar tender looks *so* happy to have met you. :D

At 10/3/08 08:42 , Blogger acidchild said...

i see nerds...


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