22 June 2010

GuruPlug - Part 2

Once your GuruPlug is up and running, you might notice that it seems to run really hot. You're not alone - there are quite a few reports of heat issues with the GuruPlug. For me, enabling the wireless module in client mode while doing anything constructive with the plug is enough to trigger a thermal overload and lockup; connecting the plug to a gigabit switch ends the same way. Based on several forum posts, it's possible that the gigabit NIC issue is not (only) heat related, but time will tell.

I don't have all of the components on hand yet, but I plan to transfer the innards of the GuruPlug to a slightly larger plastic project box, add two or three heat sinks to the metal plate on the bottom of the board, and add a couple of 30mm fans to the project box. Since I don't intend to use either the wireless or bluetooth capabilities, the included power supply (which doesn't appear to have had much love in its creation) should be able to handle the two 30mm fans (each should draw approximately 0.1 amps). If not, I know where to find a 25W (5V/5A) power supply for it :-)

I'll post pics and such when I'm done - stay tuned...



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