20 April 2009


I just fixed all the archived links and a few other bits of minor breakage.
Apparently nobody noticed and/or cared though, as I had to discover it myself. bah. :-)


At 21/4/09 08:14 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Im not pretend to be a pain in the ass, but could you do the xfce4.6.1 package??
i try to di it....but....

At 27/4/09 20:12 , Anonymous Robby Workman said...

Soon. :-)

At 30/4/09 23:59 , Blogger Robby Workman said...

Okay, 4.6.1 is now up.

At 3/5/09 10:24 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanx rob!!

but let me tell you, in my slack12.2 "original" doesnt work, something more to upgrade? vte? libwnck?

Bye and thanx again!!

At 5/5/09 22:04 , Blogger Robby Workman said...

Dunno, it works here and several other places, and it was (as always) built on a clean 12.2+patches virtual machine, so it should work fine.

At 9/12/10 03:20 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

i'm looking for half.conf where the link broken


my problem pc is when i type "pm-suspend", it's work when the pc back to running. but when i click baterry for suspend, the monitor blank when run again to desktop

thank you very much for your attention


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