24 August 2008

São Paulo again

First, I'd like to point out that I have made my presentation material from the SlackShow available at http://rlworkman.net/slackshowbrasil/.

Second, we were graced with the presence of Sulamita Garcia at the conference yesterday, and we took her vehicle to dinner last night. Sulamita is the Latin America Open Source Strategy Manager for Intel, and while I had some previous knowledge of her, I am *very* impressed after meeting and talking with her - the open source community needs more individuals like Sulamita.

Third, I have put a few more pictures from yesterday and last night in http://rlworkman.net/images/brazil/.

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At 9/9/08 13:33 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

when will be released version 4.1.1 of KDE?

Thank you

At 3/11/08 12:29 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

What's going on with Slackware-current? No updates since nearly one month on a development phase. Is Pat alive??

A weekly blog should be fine...


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