13 February 2008

kde-4.0.1 on Slackware

I just pushed some updates to the kde4 packages for Slackware -current; now we have kde-4.0.1 packs.

The download location has moved though - I decided to take advantage of some previously unused bandwidth and space on my 1and1.com shared hosting account.

Get them at http://kde4.rlworkman.net/.

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At 18/2/08 20:55 , Blogger nawcom said...

fyi, there was a problem with wicd when it comes to using dhclient, for by default dhcpcd updates resolv.conf.

I had this issue with slackware, and the reason dhclient doesnt modify the resolv.conf is because dhcpcd is set up by default to deal with it, not dhclient, as I quickly found out. i probably could of set up a dhclient-script to take control, but that would be screwing with the whole slackware network setup, so I took a look at the networking.py and added dhcpcd to the list of programs that wicd checks for.


All I did was i replaced "dhclient" with "dhcpcd" in the run and kill commands and replaced dhclient's command "ip route flush dev" with dhcpcd's "route del dev" for the wired and wireless setup....I might submit a patch to them so they can fix this issue when it comes to distros with dhcpcd; it simply needs to know if its going to go the dhclient route or the dhcpcd route, and use the correct commands.

it solved the issue, and resolv.conf now updates, and it doesnt lag when it comes to catching those needed discover packets. perhaps replace the networking.py in the pkg - or add a few sed commands in the SlackBuild? if you wanna email me it's nawcom@nawcom.com

At 14/3/08 20:47 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

hi, i should thank you for your works about slackware linux:)
i really like to do my works with this distro.but...
i'm newbie and there is lots of thing that i must learn:)
maybe u tell if you are newbie why you want to try KDE 4, but i'm really curious person, and i'm interested to install it.
can u explain about installing KDE 4 more that README file in the repository?
i'm using Slackware 12 now and by default it install KDE 3.5, and i install Gnome Slackbuild to for myself. so....i must delete every KDE package?
also qmake 3? or every QT package before install KDE 4?
thank your for your help, and also sorry for my poor english:)

At 19/3/08 21:39 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Do u have any plan, for KDE 4.0.2 ?

At 4/4/08 20:33 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Any possibility of getting these packages back up? The site is giving a 403...

In any case, thanks for all the work ya do!


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