24 March 2008

kde-4.0.2 packages

Thanks to a bit of gentle prodding from Benoit Beauchamp over at Recycled Space :) and a bit of spare time, I've finally got kde-4.0.2 packaged for Slackware -current (soon to be 12.1, we think) :)

It's in the same place as before -- http://kde4.rlworkman.net/, and there are new builds of *every* package in the tree, as well as some rearrangement of the source tree.

As I mentioned before, I can't offer rsync or ftp access from the box hosting these package, so http is all I can do... Enjoy! -RW

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At 24/3/08 13:37 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

my congratulations on the kde-4.0.2 !!!

Thank you !!!!

At 24/3/08 17:11 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thank You very so much, i really await for these packages.
can u talk about this, how u make the slackware packages for KDE 4? i know KDE 4 use cmake and absolutly i read the LinuxPackages helps for how to create slackware package, but i can't figure it out, how can i make these packages?
sorry for my poor english.

At 25/3/08 06:24 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

i used your KDE 4.0.1 packages, and that was works great, and now i download 4.0.2 ver. and remove prev packages and installed new one.
but this time, i recive an error, the message is:

kstartupconfig4: /usr/lib/libstcc++.so.6: version 'GLIBCXX_3.4.9' not found(required by /usr/lib/libkdecore.so.5)

thank you:)

At 25/3/08 09:29 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

i'm having this problem !!!!!

who doing, please ?
what solution please ?

At 26/3/08 07:48 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

install a new version of gcc


At 26/3/08 07:48 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

install a new version of gcc


At 26/3/08 09:35 , Blogger Robby Workman said...

These packages are clearly marked as being for Slackware -current, so there's no valid reason that one wouldn't have already had the correct version of gcc installed.

At 26/3/08 11:02 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

i already installed gcc-4.2.3 now, but, i still recive that error...!!!
ok, i try to remove kde packages, and make sure about every library and try again.
i hope it get works for me.

At 26/3/08 11:52 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

ok i Find it, The Solution is to install gcc-g++-4.2.3-i486-1.tgz from slackware current packages.
Thank you Rob

At 16/4/08 23:32 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

I very much appreciate the packages. I ran across the the GLIBCXX_3.4.9 error...never considering -current! lol..duh. Anytime when one seems to upgrade to the "bleeding edge" development packages, errors like this love to rear their ugly heads and perplex users with little experience with gcc/libc issues with GNU/Linux...by all appearances the error points to your GNU libc installation...when in fact it points to your gcc installation(as previously mentioned)...if only google and all the other search engines would give up the ghost a little more easily!

Good job on the packages..I was driving myself nuts with CMake/QMake and the SVN repository code...You made my life a little easier for a few minutes.


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