01 July 2010

GuruPlug - Part 3

Well, the GuruPlug has been modded. It's ugly, and it's loud, but it works. Pics are here, but really - it's ugly.

If I had it to do over again, I'd get a bit larger case, and I'd be a bit more, um, careful and such. For example, a broad-tipped soldering iron is not ideal for tinkering with a power supply (which is why there's a new one in there).
rworkman@guruplug:~$ uname -a
Linux guruplug #2 PREEMPT Thu May 27 14:47:11 BST 2010 \
armv5tel Feroceon 88FR131 rev 1 (v5l) Marvell GuruPlug Reference Board GNU/Linux
rworkman@guruplug:~$ cat /etc/slackware-version
Slackware 13.1.0



At 1/8/10 13:09 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

True prototypes are always ugly, but do my eyes deceive me or did you actually solder the wires to the chassis :-).
Anyway, I think I know what I want for Christmas.

Chris Abela

At 8/8/10 17:06 , Blogger Robby Workman said...

Haha, no, they're not soldered to the chassis (assuming you're talking about where the JTAG wires enter the box) - that's just some black putty I used to fill in the hole... :-)

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