24 August 2006

Slackware 11 release - soon!

Well, it looks like Slackware 11 will be releasing very soon. I'm rather anxious, but not because of the normal reasons - I'm running -current, so a new stable release means we can get back to some new and exciting changes in -current instead of just stability upgrades.

One thing that I'm going to be working on is an experimental version of sysvinit 2.86 while PiterPunk is working on udev >097. There were quite a few changes to the rules syntax in 098, and while the old stuff will still work right now (while logging warnings), it's best to go ahead and get them implemented now so people can start getting used to them. I don't mean to scare anyone - the changes are good, and they're not so major that they require massive rewrites of anything - a simple sed substitution will probably do the trick (here's hoping, anyway).

On another note, the SlackBuilds.org project is coming along well; we've added quite a few new scripts since going live, and we have several more in the queue to be added soon. Thanks to everyone for your support!

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04 August 2006

Update to xfce 4.4 beta 2 packs and build script

For those of you following my progress on xfce in Slackware -current, this is old news, but I'm almost certain that I've got the last of the existing problems solved. From the Change Log:

Thu Aug  3 19:56:45 UTC 2006
It's Christmas in August! New kde packs in -current, and now
the xfce build here should be working as intended by its
developers - see below :)
current/xfce- Rebuilt; removed
hicolor-icon-theme, as it's not needed any more due to the
xinitrc changes in the previous build.
Added desktop-file-utils, which fixes the problem Thunar
was having with associated file types with applications.
Thunar should now be working completely as intended by the
developer. :)
current/xfce4-goodies-4.4_20060803-1rlw.tgz: Upgraded the
verve-plugin package to 0.3.4; this is a bugfix release.
current/sysvinit-2.86-i486-4rlw.tgz: Rebuilt; incorporated
Pat's changes from yesterday in -current. I've got to track
down a potential problem with an error message being generated
in rc.S (related to /proc/filesystems), so hold off on this
upgrade unless you're brave (although it's working fine here).

As you noticed, I've also been working on updates to sysvinit; based on earlier conversation, expect this to be mainlined with PiterPunk's work soon.

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