11 January 2007

Changes to site

As indicated on the main page, I've mostly finished some major overhaul of the site backend - everything has been modularized using PHP (but still no dynamic content - no need for it). The may be some broken links in a few places, and some of your existing bookmarks may no longer be valid, but otherwise, everything should be fully functional now. By the way, everything you see is now hosted on cardinal, but the DNS records haven't been moved yet. Until I (and rob0) can find time to get the mail aliases set up properly, I'm going to leave the DNS and MX at 1and1...

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07 January 2007

Move of cardinal

Over the Christmas holidays, Alan Hicks and I moved cardinal, a Slackware server which we share ownership with three other guys, to the Simple Communications facility here in Tuscaloosa. Simple Communications is the parent company of M3Server, a web/email/dedicated server hosting company which provides the actual network infrastructure for cardinal. In our short time there so far, the guys at SimpleCom/M3Server have been very supportive and easy to work with. They use, understand, and support open-source software, so if you're looking for dedicated server hosting with good rates and good support, I can *highly* recommend giving them a call. Be sure to tell them we sent you :)

EDIT!!! We are no longer hosted at simplecom/m3server, and we no longer recommend them at all.
We are now hosted at Cyberlink International, and we *do* recommend them.

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Lots of updates

PiterPUNK has released updated packages and sources of udev-104 and sysvinit-2.86 for testing on Slackware 11.0 - nearly identical packages are also hosted here.

I've released updated packages of Xfce-4.4rc2 with vte split from the main package; you will need to install the vte package after upgrading to the new Xfce package. If you were using the Xfce package built against dbus and dbus-glib, it's been removed - the Xfce /testing package now requires all of dbus, dbus-glib, and gamin (plus the common dependency of vte), so be sure to get all of those if you want all of the "bells and whistles" in the new 4.4 release candidates. I debated moving this out of /testing into the main repository, as it seems very stable and usable here and in feedback I've gotten, but for the time being, I'm going to leave it in /testing.

I've also rebuilt quite a few packages in the last few days after cleaning up the build scripts; I caught at least one bug in my patch to apcupsd, so that was a productive exercise. Check the ChangeLog to see the full list.

I've rearranged the site a fair amount over the last few days too - the SlackBuilds Section is now much less populated, as package sources are no longer placed there. Instead, I moved all of the package sources here to maintain better compliance with the GPL (which means I don't have to bother with email requests for sources any more) :).

Finally, we've been busy over at SlackBuilds.org too - we had more than 25 new commits in the last ChangeLog there. Thanks to all of the other admins and all the submitters for the great work!

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