24 November 2006

Updates coming soon...

The GnuPG guys have released gnupg-2.0.1rc1 and libassuan-1.0.1, so I've rebuilt all of the kmail-gpg stuff (and kdebase & kdepim) in /testing - they should be going up at some point tomorrow if all goes well.

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15 November 2006

DBus 1.0 Released; Xfce Rebuild Coming Soon

DBus 1.0 was released a few days ago (thanks to MagicMan for the heads-up), and I've finally got the kinks worked out of the init script for it, so packages of it and dbus-glib (rebuilt against dbus-1.0) are now available. If you were experiencing any bugs with it, be sure to upgrade to the newest version.

In other news, I'm currently recompiling and testing Xfce 4.4rc2 adding --with-sound=alsa to the configure script for the mixer, and preliminary results indicate success :) Thanks to all of you who emailed about it. I'm not entirely certain about this, but I'm guessing that the differences due to 2.4/2.6 kernel headers as they pertain to alsa are responsible for this - the autodetection routines in the configure script don't seem to work with the 2.4 kernel headers, but then, I've not tested it with 2.6 headers (nor do I plan to do so until Pat upgrades them in stock Slackware), so I may be totally off-base on that. Regardless of the cause, the moral of the story is that it should work now with that simple change to the build script. Assuming everything goes as planned, I should have new Xfce packages (in all flavors - with and without {dbus,dbus/gamin} dependencies - available within a day or two. Keep checking the ChangeLog for updates, because it probably won't be posted here.

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08 November 2006

Xfce 4.4rc2 Rebuilt - bugfix

For those monitoring this instead of (or maybe in addition to) my ChangeLog, I've rebuilt the Xfce 4.4rc2 packages with a patch I backported from the svn repository to fix the missing printer icons in the Settings menu.

For those interested, I'm also trying to find the least intrusive way to include "real-time" file change notification for xfdesktop, and it looks like gamin is going to fit the bill. I've built a gamin package as well as an Xfce 4.4rc2 package linked against it. The preliminary results of my testing here were inconsistent and unpredictable, but it seems to be stable and consistent now for whatever reason, so there is hope. Testing and feedback are encouraged... :-)

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05 November 2006

Xfce 4.4 RC2

The Xfce developers have released 4.4 Release Candidate 2!!!
Packages for Slackware 11.0 are available in my package repository, and there are also packages for the extra plugins as well.
Be sure to read the ChangeLog entry from today (20061105). If you prefer to build it yourself, feel free to get the SlackBuild Script and other needed files.
Testing and feedback are encouraged and appreciated; thanks to everyone who's already involved - I appreciate it!

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