20 April 2009


I just fixed all the archived links and a few other bits of minor breakage.
Apparently nobody noticed and/or cared though, as I had to discover it myself. bah. :-)

02 April 2009

Southeast Linux Fest

It's coming up soon, folks - the Southeast Linux Fest in South Carolina at Clemson University, so mark your calendars and make plans to attend. This is a great opportunity to meet other linux users in the southeastern region of the US, and based on the list of presenters, it should be a very entertaining and educational experience as well.

For you Slackware users, this is an opportunity to meet other users and well as a few members of the Slackware and/or SlackBuilds.org development teams. I, Alan Hicks, David Somero, Chess Griffin, and perhaps several others will be in attendance, and I'll be doing a "Firewalling on Linux" presentation.

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